The Journey of a Reader…

Ok hey! Long time no talk ( it’s literally only been a week). Any who, I used to read a lot when I was younger and had more time but then I took a really long break. Until I met my one of my best friends @bibliophilecher and now I’m literally obsessed with reading again which is fanfreakingtabulous. So anyways, last night I finished rereading one of my favorite contemporary books, To all the boys I’ve ever loved before by Jenny Han, but honestly anything by Jenny Han is amazing. She is such an amazing author and her writing is so beautiful. But, the movie for that book is coming out soon so I’m super enthused and decided to read the book again. As I was reading the book, it got me thinking about the stages and the crazy process of reading a contemporary book or any book for that matter of fact. Enjoy!

  1. The discovery: You find your self in your local bookstore or library, the smell of crisp pages and book spines bring a smile to your face as you make your way to your favorite section. You spot a book you have never seen before and immediately start reading the back of the it when you realize that this book is the second one of the series. You sprint and find the nearest librarian or employee and eagerly ask them where you can find the first book of that series. They kindly smile and say they are out of stock or the book isn’t available. Your heart sinks. 
  2. The actual treasure hunt: Your immediate mission is to find that book. You scavenge all the shelves everyday and put every single copy of that book on hold. Then one day when all hope is lost, you see it, shining through the shelves, you race to it and your body is filled with so much joy it hurts. Oh wait, that’s just the weight of your book bag your are carrying around. whoops. 
  3. The rollercoaster: Your heart continues to race as you sprint home. Once you eventually get home, extremely out of breathe because this is your workout of the year plus you had to drag that bookbag with you, you find yourself a seat in which you will not get up from until you are done reading the book. You start reading and your heart just fills with all these emotions as you become emotionally invested in all the characters. When they laugh, you laugh. When they cry, you ball your freaking eyes out. Then the craziest thing happens, two of the characters start dating and kiss and you literally can’t even at this point. For me, personally, this always happens in the middle of the night, when I’m full of adrenaline and also really tired, and I do a mixture of a happy dance and lots of jumping. Like lots of jumping. Then something bad happens and everybody starts crying. This is usually the time I bring out my ice cream and just sit there crying to myself as I continue to read. OH! Then comes the cliffhanger if it’s a series! Cliffhangers actually kill me. Honestly on my tombstone, it will probably say: Pushpin- death due to cliffhanger. RIP. 
  4. The waterworks: Usually if it’s a cliffhanger, I’m so pissed and literally just pace around my room for a solid hour. This ends up with me curled up in a ball, just balling my eyes off. If the ending is sad, I will be crying and will be seriously traumatized by it. If the ending is happy, I will cry with tears of joy. Legit, all scenarios end in me crying. It’s a problem ok, don’t judge!
  5. The reflection: You lie there in bed, just reflecting on life. The most random thoughts flood your brain; Will I ever find love? Why can’t this character be in my life and be my S.O.? Will I ever find a book this amazing? (answer: you probably will.) If I could have a power, what would it be? Definitely super speed, duh. Somehow you find a way to fall asleep where, inevitably you dream about the book. Then comes the next day. This is when you will probably have, as my friend and I like to call it, a book hangover. These can last anywhere from a week to six months. The more captivating the book, the longer the hangover. It is scientifically proven. 
  6.  The wait: This is the part where all you can do is wait for the next book to come out but if you are really lucky, the next book has already come out and you go through this process all over again.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying that all readers go through this but this is what I personally go through.

Please let me know in the comments if any part of this was relatable and what is your favorite book at the moment. Mine would probably have to be Emergency Contact or To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before . Until next time, way to be! 🙂






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